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Revolutionize Your Restaurant: Elevate Your Cuisine with Koushik and Eatitude Consulting Services

The Rise of Mad Chef Koushik: Renowned Chef and Top Restaurant Consultant.

Mad Chef Koushik S is a renowned chef, restaurateur, and food consultant. He's the founder of Eatitude a restaurant consultancy, a firm that specializes in helping restaurants and hospitality businesses improve and grow their operations.

Chef Koushik's journey in the culinary world began when he was just a teenager. He started working as an apprentice in a local restaurant in Kolkata, India, where he learned the basics of cooking. He went on to work in several restaurants in India and the United State.

In 2012, Chef Koushik started Eatitude as a blog that aggregated resources for starting a restaurant and ways to think about and plan for success. Over time, the blog evolved into a full-fledged restaurant consultancy that helps businesses with everything from menu development to branding and marketing.

One of Chef Koushik's strengths is his ability to create unique, flavorful dishes that appeal to a wide variety of palates. He's known for his innovative approach to cooking, which combines traditional techniques with modern ingredients and flavors. Some of his signature dishes include the Tandoori Lamb Chops and the Kolkata-style Fish Fry.

Eatitude Restaurant Consultancy: A Holistic Approach to Restaurant Consulting

At Eatitude restaurant consultancy, Chef Koushik and his team work closely with clients to understand their specific needs and develop customized solutions to meet them. They take a holistic approach to restaurant consulting, focusing on everything from menu engineering to operational improvements.

One of the things that sets Eatitude apart from other restaurant consultancy firms is their emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices. Chef Koushik believes that restaurants have a responsibility to source ingredients responsibly and minimize waste, and he works with clients to help them achieve these goals.


Overall, Mad Chef Koushik and Eatitude restaurant consultancy are a dynamic duo that's making waves in the culinary world. Whether you're a restaurant owner looking to improve your operations or a foodie looking for new and exciting dishes to try, they're definitely worth checking out.

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