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How Eatitude restaurant consultant provides a comprehensive solution to opening up a new restaurant


If you are thinking of opening up a new restaurant, then it’s important that you get the right advice. Eatitude, a leading restaurant consultant in Chennai offers comprehensive solutions to open up a new restaurant. The first thing to do is to find out whether there is enough space for your restaurant. If not, then you would need to consider expanding or making some renovations. We will help you in this process by providing suggestions on where and how much extra space should be added depending on the size of your business plan.

Restaurant Space planning:

The process of deciding where to locate your restaurant is also an important aspect of space planning. Location is often the most important factor determining whether a restaurant will be profitable or not, so it’s vital that you choose the best spot for your business. Once you’ve decided on a location, you can begin working on designing your interior spaces.

The most important part of any restaurant design is the kitchen and storage area layout. The kitchen should be designed based on how many staff members are required to cook and serve meals quickly, while still maintaining high standards of hygiene and food quality. You should also take into account the type of equipment being used in this area – whether it will take up much space (for example, pizza ovens), or if there are certain types that need more room than others (such as refrigerators). This step is crucial because if one area isn't properly planned out ahead-of-time then there may not be enough room for everything needed within its walls!

Next comes designing dining areas such as booths along side tables inside restaurants where customers eat their meal together with friends/family members who come along too :) This can mean anything from casual dining spots like Olive Garden where families go after Sunday mass together each week all year fine dining establishments where only gentlemen wear suits during lunch hours :) These days some places even offer online reservations through websites like OpenTable which makes things easier since they already have accounts set up beforehand making checkin faster ;)

Key Role of lighting in restaurants:

A restaurant needs to be a place where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. This is why lighting plays an important role in creating an inviting environment. Lighting also helps to make food look more appetizing, which can help boost sales. There are many different aspects of lighting and how it affects the ambience of a restaurant, including:

  • Interior lighting: The type of interior illumination that you choose will depend on whether your restaurant has windows or not, as well as the size of your space. You want to avoid harsh lights that cause glare on tables or walls; instead choose something more subtle so guests don’t feel blinded when they look at their plates. It’s also important to make sure there is plenty of light around sinks etc so staff know exactly where they are going when cleaning up after customers leave!

  • Exterior lighting: If possible try using green energy sources for exterior illumination rather than electricity powered bulbs which could end up costing you a lot more money over time due to maintenance costs (these things need replacing every few years).

Customer flow & readability of restaurant Menu.

The overall flow of customers is one of the most important factors for success in running a restaurant, and it's vital that you create an environment where customers can find what they're looking for, from drinks to desserts.

If your menu is cluttered or confusing, it will discourage potential customers from visiting your establishment. People want their dining experience to be easy-to-read and simple to navigate, so make sure that your menus are clear and concisely written out with no grammatical errors or misspellings.

Additionally, menus should be visually pleasing as well as informative; using bright colors can help draw people's attention to certain dishes on a page full of food options (especially if those dishes are savory).

Food consultant Chennai:

  • Food consultant Chennai:

The food consultant in Chennai will provide you with a complete solution to help boost your restaurant business. From the initial planning to opening up a new restaurant and providing services, there are many activities that need to be considered. This is where Eatitude can help!

  • Food consultants in chennai:

There are many things that a food consultant does for you during their work with you. These include finding out what type of food should be served in the restaurant and how much it would cost, as well as figuring out how much money will be needed for starting up the business venture or hiring staff members who have experience managing restaurants before they came onboard with our company

Interior Designing for Restaurants by food consultant Chennai

The design of the restaurant should be done in a way that it is most comfortable for customers to order and pay. It is important to keep this in mind while making decisions about the interior design of your restaurant.

The first thing you have to think about is the customer flow. How will they enter? Where should they stand? How can we make sure that they don’t get lost or confused when ordering? Once you have figured these things out, it’s time to think about lighting and space allocation. The lighting plays an important role in enhancing the look of your restaurant as well as making sure that customers feel comfortable while dining there. That being said, using proper lighting can also help boost sales by enhancing readability of menus and increasing brand visibility around tables and counters.

Another important element involved in designing restaurants for food consultants Chennai is furniture layouts (who sits where), seating arrangements (how many people fit into what), circulation routes through restaurants (where do guests go from point A to B) etc., which are all taken care by our experts at Eatitude Consulting Services Pvt Ltd..

Find proper solutions to open up a new restaurant

An ideal restaurant consultant will help you find the best solutions for opening up a new restaurant. When it comes to selecting the right consultant, there are many things that need to be kept in mind. Some of these include:

  • Experience: The consultant should have extensive experience in this field and must be able to provide you with proper advice based on their experiences. They should also have good knowledge about the current trends of the food industry and how things work in other parts of India or even outside the country, if applicable.

  • Qualifications: A qualified person will know how your restaurant should be designed, which kind of equipment or furniture would be suitable for it and what types of customers would visit it regularly among others things like these that make up an important part when starting up a new business venture such as opening up a restaurant business


Eatitude is a hospitality consultancy firm that offers complete solutions to open up a new restaurant. The consultants at Eatitude can help you in various aspects of the restaurant business like space planning, menu design and food consultancy Chennai. The company has been in this industry for over 20 years and has worked with several brands across the world including India

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